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Winter Mocks Revision Course

Winter First Year Revision Course 2021-2022

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Elite IB tutors

Check your understanding and build confidence in small-group online tutorials.

The winter break is the perfect opportunity to consolidate your learning and notes on the foundational topics in each subject. Work with our team of expert IB specialist tutors to ensure a flying return to term in spring.

Join our online learning environment for effective subject revision

We have been running online courses throughout 2020, and online tuition for many years before that, so we have extensively trained our tutors on the best use of tools, conferencing software, and premium features, to maximise engagement, boost productivity, and make the courses fun!

Led by outstanding tutors.

The Winter Revision Course is delivered by high scoring IB graduates and IB teachers, who all have experience with online teaching and have received excellent feedback over the years. Tutors share their passion for their subject whilst always focusing on the IB syllabus points, making classes enjoyable and effective.

At Elite IB, we work with amazing IB graduates, as well as IB teachers and examiners. We find that during the winter mocks course, students prefer to work with the more recent IB graduates, who tend to now be Masters & Phd students at university and have of course been through the IB themselves. These videos are meant to give you a sense of their personality, technical ability and of course, that you will find them fun, engaging and relatable as you learn!

Access to additional resources and your lesson recordings throughout your first IB year

Included in your registration fee is access to our online learning platform Neo, where tutors will upload relevant resources from your sessions including any presentation slides, crib sheets or notes, practice exercises, and their tips and advice. The workshops are also recorded and uploaded, and you will have access to the platform until the summer of 2021.

Information for schools

Our winter mocks revision course is an ideal accompaniment to in school learning. With a condensed teaching calendar, and with so many schools impacted by staff availability and technical upskilling, please contact us to discuss running a version of this course for your students as an entire cohort or for particular courses

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