With hundreds of IB schools around the world, draw on our expertise when deciding which school to make your IB home.

Our guide to

International Baccalaureate Schools

Since our inception, Elite IB has consistently worked closely with IB schools around the world. As experts in the International Baccalaureate, our team of tutors, consultants, and advisors have assisted schools and students alike in nearly every aspect of the IB.
We work both with students in deciding on best IBDP & MYP schools for them, and also work with schools in supporting families to understand how the IB works, and how it may integrate with existing school programmes.

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IB Programmes Offered

IB World schools will offer the full suite of IB Programmes, from PYP to MYP and the IBDP. We have tracked which programmes each IB school offers their students.

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Average IB Score

Last year's IB world average for May exams was 28.56 points. We have tracked information on each school’s worldwide IB performance.

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Fees & Selection

With a mix of state and private schools, we have documented information on the fee structure for global IB schools.


Further Information

From school ethos, to location, famous alumni and more, we have assembled key facts about 100s of IB world schools.

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United Kingdom Schools

97 schools
4k students
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Singaporean Schools

27 schools
1.4k students
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Dutch Schools

22 schools
Support throughout the IB

Parent and family guidance

For further guidance on school selection, IB subject choices, and how you can best support your child through their IB studies, get in touch regarding our Family Consultation and Support Packages, and benefit from holistic expert IB support.

Parent Consultation
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