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Join our team of highly experienced IB tutors for a few days of intensive revision. Catch up on any presumed knowledge and boost your confidence before beginning your IBDP or CP.

7th - 13th August 2021

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Intensive group workshops to kick-start your IB

The Pre-IB Revision Course offers students an introduction to multiple IB subjects, teaching you all of the presumed knowledge and revision technique that you need to you arrive on your first day of the IB perfectly prepared

Accessible time

Workshops run from 10:00 - 14:00 UTC +1, making these courses suitable for any students based in Europe, Africa, or the Middle East. The course will start at 11:00 for those in Geneva or Berlin, and will run from 13:00 - 17:00 for those in Dubai.

Small Workshop Sizes

Subject classes are capped at just 6 students, meaning there is plenty of time to ask and answer all of your questions, and the latest conferencing software makes communicating with your new peers easy.

Recorded Sessions

All your workshops will be recorded and made available to you after the course so that you can revisit your sessions right away, and can also refer back to them at any time throughout your IB studies!

Exam Changes

Due to the continued loss of instructional time which has impacted students who began their studies in 2020, the IB has decided to extend the adaptations made for the May 2021 exams. Some of these changes may also carry over to the 2023 exams, and our tutors will incorporate these changes into the content of our workshops.

Pre-IB Revision Course Schedule 2021 (10:00 to 14:00 each day (GMT+1))

7th August

8th & 9th August

10th & 11th August

12th & 13th August

Q&A session

Our course kicks off with a series of Q&A advisory sessions, broken down into themes, which will be led by a mixture of EIB staff, IB tutors, and former IB graduates. We will be swapping our stories, sharing our best tips and advice with you, and answering any and all questions you may have about the IB. 

We will also provide useful information on planning your 2-year journey, and give first hand advice on what happened during the May 2020 and 2021 exam sessions, so that you feel informed about the changes you might experience if there are ongoing disruptions during your IB studies, and finally you’ll then be given access to fantastic materials to cover in your own time. 
Come along to meet us and your fellow students, and get warmed up for your subject workshops!


10th & 11th August

Maths is taught in two different routes at the IB, Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretation. At the course, maths will be split into 4 workshops, meaning each route and level can be treated separately. If you are undecided as to which course to take, we will be able to advise on the best way to spend this day to get a taster of the different options.

Did you know that Maths HL actually has one of the higher percentages of students that achieve a 7, with over 17% of students achieving this grade last year

Maths: Analysis & Approaches

Maths: A&A is most similar to the old HL and SL Maths syllabus, and reflects traditional higher Mathematics pathways. Students develop a deep understanding of core mathematical theories and concepts and learn to apply these to a range of problems. Of the two routes, Maths A&A is closer to ‘pure’ mathematics, and is suited to those looking to study Maths, Sciences, Economics or Engineering at university.

Maths: Applications & Interpretations

Maths: A&I focuses on the application of Maths to real-world examples, developing students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills and incorporating the use of technology. Maths A&I SL is most similar to the old Maths Studies syllabus, and either level of Maths A&I are suitable for those looking to study Arts, Law, or Business at university.

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8th & 9th August or 12th & 13th (Chemistry/ESS)

At the Pre-IB course we will offer workshops covering the 4 most popular sciences. We have staggered these workshops so that students studying Chemistry alongside Biology or Physics can work on both. Students will be taught in mixed HL/SL groups, as the initial topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and ESS are common to both HL and SL students. Each new topic you learn in science builds on the last, so a solid foundation is key to understanding and mastering the entire two year syllabus.


8th & 9th August

Biology at the IB is an exciting course that examines everything from the largest ecosystem to the smallest cell structures. In this workshop your tutor will use diagrams, examples, and discussion to explore the foundations of the IB topics: cell biology, molecular biology, human physiology, ecology and evolution, and maybe even a bit of genetics!

Did you know that Biology is the most common science subject in the Extended Essay?


8th & 9th August

Physics at HL or SL is a deep dive into the world around us and those beyond. Physicists will study everything from motion and forces to nuclear and particle physics, so a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental theories and techniques is vital. Physics at the IB is essential for aspiring engineers, and of course physicists, but the subject can be enjoyed by anyone interested in the phenomena around us, from what makes ice-cream melt to the possibilities of nuclear power.

Physics HL had fewer than half as many students as Biology HL last year, but around 47% of those students achieved a 6 or 7!


12th & 13th August

Studying Chemistry in the IB you will examine everything from food to batteries to medicine - understanding the nature of matter, and how we use chemistry to build the world around us. Chemistry is a vital topic for anyone interested in pursuing Medicine, Environmental Sciences, and many branches of Engineering, but will be relevant and fascinating to everyone.

Did you know that the average grade in Chemistry HL increased from 4.51 in 2019 to 4.92 in 2020?


8th & 9th August

ESS is a fascinating cross-discipline subject, combining both aspects of both the sciences and humanities. You will delve deeply into all aspects of the living world, looking at a variety of biomes and their species diversity, the movement of energy through the environment, and the delicate equilibria of environmental systems like the water and nitrogen cycles. The subject also analyses the human impact on these systems, how resource management influences human populations, and the current and future impacts of human-caused issues like pollution and climate change.

ESS is the second most popular science subject taken at SL, with 15,949 students sitting the exam last year.

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