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Comprehensive pre-recorded workshops to support you in starting the IB

Our recorded workshops offer students an introduction to elements of the IB’s ‘core’ as well as supporting you to develop key skills which will help you thrive, and make sure you arrive on your first day of the IB perfectly prepared. Cover the IB core of EE and TOK in depth, and learn our expert IA advice and study techniques - all at your own pace.

7th - 13th August 2021

This course has now finished. Get in touch with us to find out about our upcoming courses

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Available throughout your IB

Our recorded workshops and other resources will remain available to you via our online platforms Thinkific and Neo, so you can continue to benefit from their content as you start the IB!

Designed by IB experts

These workshops are designed and taught by our foremost team of IB tutors and course leaders, so you can trust they will cover exactly what you need to know going into the IB program.

Combined question and video content

We have combined video content with questions and creative exercises to keep these workshops just as engaging as the live course.

Pre-IB Recorded Workshops

Workshop structure

Working closely with our tutors, we have designed these pre-recorded workshops to be just as comprehensive as our live course with:

  • Three hours of recorded content per workshop
  • Exercises and questions throughout to support your learning
  • An integrated Q&A forum where you can chat to us, and your fellow students
  • Certificates of achievement so that you can celebrate and share your completion of the course

We will also provide follow up work and additional resources after you complete the course, meaning you can continue to learn with us as you move through the IB!

Core IB Workshops

Full recorded sessions covering the core section of the IB, revision techniques, and other key skills. The workshops are split between teaching you about the expectations and components of the IB programme, many of which may be new to you, and discussing and developing essential academic skills.
Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Theory of Knowledge is an exciting component of the IB core that is new to many students. It focuses on understanding knowledge itself, and interrogating how we know what we know, and ties directly into all of your other IB subjects. Your grade in TOK is combined with the Extended Essay to award the additional 3 core point, so it is hugely important. A TOK tutor will introduce you to the concepts and techniques you will study over the next two years, and help demystify this unique IB subject.

Extended Essay

The Extended Essay and subject Internal Assessments make up the written coursework required for your IB diploma, and completing them to a high standard is crucial for your final score. The Extended Essay is an opportunity to delve into a topic that interests you, directing your own research and ultimately writing up your findings. In this session we will outline the requirements, and learn about academic research, note-taking, writing and referencing, to ensure that you tackle these tasks with confidence from the offset, and enjoy the challenge of the EE.

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Our online platforms


Through Thinkific you will be able to follow our tutors through their recorded content, with regular questions and creative exercises to ensure the workshop stays engaging and fun. Our courses will also have a forum where you can join us and your fellow students in discussing the workshops, sharing personal study tips and advice, and asking us any general IB query you may have.


Along with the recording themselves, we will also be sharing additional worksheets, revision planners, and other helpful resources to our learning platform Neo. After the course you can continue to access these resources to consolidate your learning from the course, and continue to refer back to as you move through the first year of the IBDP programme.

94% of our 2020 course attendees said they felt more confident in the subject after completing a workshop, and 92% would recommend EIB courses to a friend!

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This year's Pre-IB Revision Course is online, but we usually host this course in London, Geneva, Amsterdam and Singapore.

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