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COVID-19 disruptions to learning have impacted all students entering the DP in 2021. Work with Elite IB this summer to fill your students’ knowledge gaps, develop key IB skills, and prepare them for their DP & CP studies

What makes our courses great

Students may be entering the DP or CP in your school from a variety of programmes: MYP, GCSE, IGCSE or many national curricula. With over a decade of experience in preparing students for their DP studies, we’re acutely aware of the standard knowledge and skills gaps which prevent students from excelling in their IB studies.

The cohort entering the DP in 2021 will be the most affected group ever - having been impacted over a period of 16 months since March 2020, and with no provisional changes to the May 2023 exam session they will undertake. 

Work with Elite IB this summer to help fill knowledge gaps and develop key ATL skills to allow your students to flourish in their DP studies.

During the 20/21 academic year, schools from around the world sent their entire DP cohorts to our various preparation and revision online courses, with some truly exceptional feedback. 

We’re aware you may be welcoming students to your school for the first time, and you’d also like to ensure they have the requisite knowledge and skills to take a certain HL subject - speak to us directly around the assessment options we can provide to support this process.

Whether you have a handful of students who you feel could benefit from some catch-up learning to keep up momentum over the holidays, or if you feel sending your entire cohort on a course may help alleviate some pressure on your DP teachers, speak to us to see how we can support you this summer.

Reach out to courses@eliteib.co.uk to enquire about school discounts
School Feedback

At MSF we support and host holiday revision courses from EIB. The advantage of signing up for an EIB course are numerous. The students are able to focus on just one IB subject, they can clarify points they haven't understood during the year and they can push themselves to study at a more advanced level. Students who attend EIB courses learn the IB curriculum content in a more relaxed atmosphere. Being able to focus on just one class allows students to learn the course material without the workload and distraction of other classes. The progress of our students is evident after having attended a holiday course. EIB are young, fun and relate to our students very naturally. Our experience with working with Elite IB has been truly enjoyable and professional.
Katell Dodd, IBDP Coordinator, MSF

I have already received lots of positive feedback from AA HL students regarding last night's lesson with Kacper. Two of our class groups were very positive with their feedback this morning which is great to hear. Thanks again for you and your team's support, efficiency and professionalism over the last few weeks in getting everything set up and running.
IBDP Maths coordinator, International School of the Hague

Long-term support and resources to help you throughout your final year

You can rewatch all your lessons, access class notes and presentations, and find additional resources and exercises from your subject tutor, so you can keep learning and visiting material after the course.

Small classes for a big impact

We cap our classes at 7, at an average of 4 to 5 students per class, meaning more contact time with your tutors as well as being able to take part in group discussions and share ideas and tips with classmates.

Breakout rooms for one-on-one learning

Tutors use private breakout women's to differentiate class content, deliver one-on-one guidance, focus on students individual problem areas, field questions, and give every student the time to explore the subject content with the tutor at the right pace.

What next?

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Other Locations

This year's Pre-IB Revision Course is online, but we usually host this course in London, Geneva, Amsterdam and Singapore.

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