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Ensure you are best placed to support your child through their IB journey, by benefitting from our years of MYP & IB experience

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We often provide whole family support, such that each IB or MYP student moves through their IB studies, and later to university, confident each decision they make is supported by a fully informed family network. To this end, if you and your child(ren) would like to come into the office for an in-person meeting, or suggest suitable times for a Skype meeting for those located further afield, we would be delighted to arrange a Consultation with you.

Here, we sit down with you both and discuss the best subject choices for the student, their future plans and their university ambitions. During this hour-long meeting, we can also discuss any additional aspects of the student’s future IB and HE studies, or more general queries you may have from the perspective of an IB parent, and will then follow up with a bespoke research pack, tailored to your ambitions and requirements, no later than three working days after the meeting.

We are more than happy to provide such guidance in a one-off fashion, or a key points throughout their IB studies, as best suits you, although would suggest starting with scheduling a stand-alone Consultation to begin with, in case we cover all your questions and queries!

We find students & their families often ask:

Are there any ways to guarantee 45? Or are there ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ IB subjects?

How does the IB Diploma differ from A-levels? Why choose it over these, or other qualifications?

Is my child suited to the IB Diploma? Is the IBDP suited to them?

What subject choices are best for specific universities, or degree subjects?

Will I have time to continue my sports/art/hobbies?

Do I need to speak more than one language for the IB?

How accurate are IB predicted grades? Where do teachers get them from?

Will not taking a certain subject adversely affect my chances of university admission for ‘X’ course?

Further, we often find parents get in touch with us to discuss how they can best support their child through the demands of an IB education; as many parents did not complete the IB themselves, it can be difficult to know which advice from your own experiences can be carried through to your children’s. Therefore, we are always happy to meet with parents or guardians of IB students, or those considering the IB world, for a frank and meaningful discussion on the best IB steps for you and your family.

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Most commonly discussed areas are:

What subject choices are best for specific universities, or degree subjects?

How can we ensure my child is receiving the support they require at school?

How can I best support my child through the IB?

What subject choices are best for specific universities, or degree subjects?


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