Elite IB is a team of experienced tutors & educational consultants who strive to help IB, MYP & Diploma Programme students reach their full potential. As a team, we all share the same belief that the IB is the most academically thorough post-16 qualification currently available, and will better equip students for universities the world over.
Come April, Elite IB Easter Revision Courses return for a 7th year, welcoming IB students from IB schools around the world to its courses in London, Geneva and Singapore. Kicking off in Singapore on the 1st of April and later in London and Geneva on the 10th, we cannot wait to open our doors to this year's IB students coming for some intensive tuition and revision of their chosen IB subjects, led by some of the finest members of our tutoring team. With up to 7 hours of tuition per day, there is no better way to ensure that each student is as prepared as possible for their upcoming exams. Spaces are quickly filling up as Easter holidays draw nearer, so ensure to secure your place by visiting our webpage
Elite IB On the Road: School Talks in South East Asia
Earlier this month, Elite IB Director Tim Hoffmann and Director of Operations Singapore, Wei Hao, travelled around South East Asia delivering school talks to IB students in various different locations, and answering questions from students on everything from UCAS applications, to what it is like to live and study in London.
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Insights from a past Easter Course attendee...
Elite IB Tutors caught up with Jordan who attended the Easter Revision Courses last year after being recommended to register by a friend. One year on, he is now a tutor with Elite IB... 
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Featured Tutor
Tips from an IB Tutor 
Hear from Tom who is returning to tutor at the Easter Revision Courses this year for his 3rd year. 

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Featured IB School
This Month's Featured IB School International Community School - Making the World of Difference 

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Extra B&M Workshop!
Extra Business & Management workshop announced to take place in Geneva on the 14th and 15th April!

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The Annual FREE Elite IB Oxbridge Application Seminar returns to Geneva on 5 April...
Don't miss the chance to meet with Elite IB's Oxbridge expert as the Oxbridge Application Seminar returns to Geneva on the 5 April. Gain expert advice on...

• How to choose the right subject to study at Oxbridge
• Which college best suits your subject aspirations
• What Oxford & Cambridge look for in an applicant
• Interview preparation and technique
• How to craft your personal statement
• How to prepare for admissions tests (BMAT, TSA etc.)
• Application process (predicted grades, referees etc.)

... and much more!

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Covered in tips and tricks for you to get the best out of the IB, our Year Planner will help you make a success of every day you devote to the IB. Download and print at home, or get in touch for an A1 IB Year Planner to be sent to you.


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