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Mid-IB Tuition Programme

Mid-IB Tuition Programme 2021

Mon-Fri, 19th July-6th August 2021

Elite IB tutors

A flexible programme of online classes over the summer to prepare for your final year.

Delivered by our unrivalled team of IB graduates, teachers and examiners, join unit-focused classes to revise your first-year content, catch-up on missed material, and excel in your final year.
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It was so detailed and thorough. I especially liked that it was very personal, and we could ask specific questions, and our tutor would explain it clearly.
EIB online courses students

Classes in 13 IB subjects, broken down by unit, for the most flexible programme around.

We’ve broken up 13 IB subjects into unit-focused classes, with each class focusing on specific topics from the IB syllabus. You can attend for all the classes in a subject, or just choose the classes that cover topics you would like to revisit in depth. Higher level and standard level content is treated separately, for a truly bespoke experience.

Led by outstanding tutors.

The Mid-IB Tuition Programme is delivered by our outstanding team of tutors, who have been delivering our IB support to students for nearly a decade. High-scoring IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners mean you’ll get exceptional support every day on the Programme.
Read more about how the Mid-IB Tuition Programme works

Long-term support and resources to help you throughout your final year.

You can rewatch all your lessons, access class notes and presentations, and find additional resources and exercises from your subject tutor, so you can keep learning and revisiting material after the Programme.
Long-term support and resources to help you throughout your final year.

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Fees for the programme are calculated per class you attend, which means that you only pay for exactly what you need. The price per class is reduced the more you attend, so why not brush up on a range of your IB subjects to prepare for your final year?

Information for Schools

Our Mid-IB Tuition Programme is the perfect complement to in school learning, allowing students to consolidate and extend their IB knowledge and skills over the summer break. We have worked with many schools in the past to provide the highest quality revision and tuition support, and would be delighted to tell you more about the competitive discounts and bespoke delivery we can offer to school referrals and group bookings.

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