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Mid-IB Tuition Programme

Elite IB tutors

Early-Bird Discount 1

10% discount if registering before June 1st, 2021.

This is automatically applied when you register for the Mid-IB Tuition Programme.

Early-Bird Discount 2

5% discount if registering before July 1st, 2020

This is automatically applied when you register for the Mid-IB Tuition Programme.

Multiple Module Discount

Discounts are applied when you choose to revise multiple modules, as seen in the fee structure below.

This is automatically applied when you register for more than 1 module on the Mid-IB Tuition Programme.


Choose to attend just one module or a full class. Each class is priced to make it accessible for students in regions around the world. Make savings by attending multiple modules, using our fee information below to work out the overall cost of attendance.

Payment for the tuition programme must be made in advance of the course, and registrations are required no later than 14 days before the course you've chosen to attend.

School Discounts: We have historically welcomed multiple students from the same school to our courses over the years, and encourage schools to contact us to discuss the discounts we are able to offer their students when making bookings on their behalf. Schools can contact us on courses@eliteib.co.uk.

1 Module


2 Modules


3 Modules


4 Modules


5 Modules


1 Subject


5 Modules / 17.5 hours of bespoke learning w/ video playback and resources available after lessons

2 Subjects


3 Subjects


4 Subjects


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