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Mid-IB Tuition Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Mon-Fri, 19th July-6th August 2021

Every subject taught in units, so you can revise just the bits you need to.

All the classes on the Mid-IB Tuition Programme Focus on individual units. So you can revise just the parts of the syllabus you'd like to revisit before starting your final year. Register for HL or SL in each subject to cover material specific to your Level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend a full class?

No! If you only missed a small portion of the syllabus due to school disruptions, you can attend just that class. Come prepared with questions and make the most of in class time for just the areas of the syllabus you’d like to cover.

How have you split up the modules, do they match Units on the IB syllabus?

Almost. With each syllabus designed slightly differently, we’ve grouped parts of the syllabus together into ‘Classes’ which sometimes match Units exactly and sometimes don’t, but follow a logical pattern and which aligns with the way in which most experienced IB schools will teach the content. See our Subjects & Units page for more information on this breakdown

Who will I be joining for classes?

With classes capped at 7 students, and with an expected average attendance of 4 students to a class, chances are you could be joining students from just about anywhere! Given it is the summer time, you will likely be around like minded students, keen to consolidate their learning from the previous year. Although the courses will be run very professionally, it will hopefully also allow a chance to meet students from other international schools around the world.

What happens if I’m the only student who signs up?

If you are the only student, there is a chance we may not run the course and will push your programme credits to other classes. If there are two or more students, then classes will run as normal, and feel more like private tuition, so be sure to come equipped with lots of questions for your tutor.

Which technologies are you using for the course?

All of our tutors are extremely experienced online teachers, and will have been trained in the use of various online teaching software programmes. Classes will be delivered through tried and tested Zoom technology using a variety of off-the-shelf and semi-bespoke delivery tools including AWW, Bramble and others.

How do I access the content after the courses?

Once you’ve attended a class, the content along with any useful extras your tutor has included, will be available to you through Neo Matrix LMS platform within 48 hours.

Who will my course tutors be?

We will be working with our most engaging, fun and experienced online tutors this summer. This is likely to be someone like Vlad, a Phd student at Imperial, IB graduate, tutor with over 3,000 hours of online tutoring experience and a veteran of 15 Elite IB courses!


Fees for the programme are calculated per class you attend, which means that you only pay for exactly what you need. The price per class is reduced the more you attend, so why not brush up on a range of your IB subjects to prepare for your final year?

Information for Schools

Our Mid-IB Tuition Programme is the perfect complement to in school learning, allowing students to consolidate and extend their IB knowledge and skills over the summer break. We have worked with many schools in the past to provide the highest quality revision and tuition support, and would be delighted to tell you more about the competitive discounts and bespoke delivery we can offer to school referrals and group bookings.

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