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Intensive, Lausanne

Overview of feedback

On March, 2016 I supported Dravid with his IB Biology HL and Chemistry HL through face-to-face tutoring in Vevey, Switzerland.

Through our tutoring session, Dravid aimed to improve his understanding of the material for both subjects, as well as to work on his problem-solving skills in order to prepare for the IB final examinations in May. During the week we worked together, Dravid and I identified his strengths and his areas for improvement as a student. This allowed us to tailor our tutoring sessions to Dravid’s specific needs. Additionally, at the beginning of the week, we designed a lesson plan to make sure that we met Dravid’s goals and that we had enough time to do a thorough revision of the most important topics of both syllabi. Then, at the end of each day, we assessed our progress and gave each other feedback in order to make any necessary adjustments to our lessons.

Our work together allowed us to map both syllabi in order to identify the specific topics that Dravid needed to practice the most for his exams. During our lessons I clarified any question Dravid had on the material, and we identified key information that he needed to memorise so he could solve exam questions more easily. Additionally, we worked through exam-type questions for each chapter of both syllabi.

All the end of the week, Dravid’s understanding of the material considerably improved, and we identified the topics he would need to continue working on prior to his exams. Also, in order to guide his revision period, I put together a list of recommendations and suggestions for him to achieve better results when studying and solving exams. Overall, my tutoring sessions with Dravid were very enjoyable and productive. Together we covered a large amount of material, and we made sure Dravid was well-prepared to take his final examinations in May.