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Individualised delivery that complements school work and doesn’t impact on contact and preparation time for your final year students.

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This course has now finished. For intensive revision in maths plus 12 other subjects, take a look at our Easter Revision Course.

Remove the pressure on your Maths teachers ahead of May exams

Our February Half-Term Maths Revision Course is the perfect complement to in-school learning, allowing students to consolidate and extend their IB Maths skills over the February break. We have worked with many schools in the past to provide the highest quality revision and tuition support, and would be delighted to tell you more about the competitive discounts and bespoke delivery we can offer to school referrals and group bookings.

We're aware students have a lot to balance: IA submissions, EE & TOK deadlines, and much more. By ensuring each day only takes up only 3 hours of their time, students can balance these key deadlines with improving their Maths ability.

15+ schools

We work closely with 15 IB schools, providing supply teachers, revision courses and university admissions cohort support. Our in-house team includes IB teachers, Examiners, and Coordinators.


Long-Standing Experience

We've delivered over 75,000 hours of online tuition to IB students, and the Maths Revision Course combines our online expertise with our leading revision course experience.


Industry Respected

We've worked hard over a decade to become an independent IB authourity for families and schools. Many of our in-house team are Cat 1 and Cat 2 certified IB teachers, and we stay acutely aware of ongoing IB developments.

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A long standing history of working closely with IB schools.

We work closely with many IB schools around the world, and we’re confident that the February Maths Revision course can help ensure all of your students can build skills, knowledge and confidence, whether that is for final exams in May or, should exams be cancelled, to reinforce the predicted grades you submit.

We’re keen to speak with you to learn where additional help may be required, and to ensure we can support as many IB students as possible at this time. Please reach out to us to let us know if you would like to explore opportunities to work together using the form below.

School Feedback
At MSF we support and host holiday revision courses from EIB. The advantage of signing up for an EIB course are numerous. The students are able to focus on just one IB subject, they can clarify points they haven't understood during the year and they can push themselves to study at a more advanced level. Students who attend EIB courses learn the IB curriculum content in a more relaxed atmosphere. Being able to focus on just one class allows students to learn the course material without the workload and distraction of other classes. The progress of our students is evident after having attended a holiday course. EIB are young, fun and relate to our students very naturally. Our experience with working with Elite IB has been truly enjoyable and professional.
Katell Doss, IBDP Coordinator, MSF
I have already received lots of positive feedback from AA HL students regarding last night's lesson with Kacper. Two of our class groups were very positive with their feedback this morning which is great to hear. Thanks again for you and your team's support, efficiency and professionalism over the last few weeks in getting everything set up and running.
IBDP Maths coordinator, International School of the Hague
Schools we've worked with

We have worked with schools for over 10 years in many countries around the world, providing support with a wide range of requests, including many long-term relationships.

It is great to know institutions like you exist in the world of the International Baccalaureate.

Chris Green, ex-DP Coordinator, ACS Hillingdon

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We're happy to answer your questions. You can get in touch using the form below, or call us on +44(0)20 3302 3868.

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Other Courses

Each year we invite hundreds of students to our Easter revision courses in cities around the world. With May 2021 being the first examination for Maths exams, this course is designed as a content only course, so please explore our pre-exam Easter revision courses for exam preparation >

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